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OUR BLOG ADDRESS HAS CHANGED The blog “Gȃnd Nou” has evolved and became “Hello Romania”. In order to continue reading our posts, please follow us on our new website Thank you for your understanding and keep reading our articles on ! The Hello Romania team Click here to […]

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About those “airplanes without engines” …

About those “airplanes without engines” … I remember so well those high-school times when I used to fly those “engine-less” aircraft. For free. Every holiday, every weekend or off days I would have a well organized schedule, going to the airfield from early morning until late […]

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Proud Romanians

We’re Romanians & we’re proud There have been many controversies regarding Romanians abroad. So many TV news, so many newspapers writing about them, so many rumors. Romania`s reputation has been considerably shaken. In most of the European countries, when one has to acknowledge his nationality and […]


About freedom & co

About freedom & co The notion of freedom is truly interesting because its limits are perceived differently by each culture, each country, each religion and each person. Everybody has their own definition of freedom. The events from January 2015 and especially the attempt at the satiric […]

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Zig Zag around Romania

Zig Zag around Romania Today we have the pleasure to present you a brave initiative of a dynamic team of Romanians that are attached to the geographic and cultural inheritance of the country and have the ambition to open to you every gate of every county and […]

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Missing I never thought I will miss Romania. That Romania that was being unfair to me me every single day. Incorrect. Corrupted. Impolite. That Romania, whose behavior was putting me away. Because there was no room for anything else than nepotism, favoritism or acquaintances.  Because […]

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Partying at home vs Clubbing

Partying at home vs Clubbing Everybody goes clubbing nowadays for dancing, picking up, having a drink, meeting new people, having fun, having a small chitchat… Everybody crams around endless lines from Thursday to Saturday to book a table or the VIP corner, to enjoy themselves, loosen […]

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Seaside break

Seaside break Summer has been here for a while and I’m so excited! I absolutely love sunny days and green spaces, walking in the park in the evening, eating ice cream at lunch and dinner, wearing light dresses and skirts, colourful clothes, going to picnics… […]

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About couples, friendship and outings with the girls

About couples, friendship and outings with the girls Generally, when two people meet and begin life as a couple, friends and girlfriends are often relatively bent on the sidelines (especially girlfriends more often, because boys maintain their outings to a certain extent). Women, however, once they stumble […]

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About Maria Dermengiu and metaphorical painting

About Maria Dermengiu and metaphorical painting Everybody wants to earn money, to support the family, to pay the invoices, the rent, to succeed in going on holidays to beautiful places where they can rest, to go to a performance occasionally, to change their minds, to […]

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The urbanizing of folklore

The urbanizing of folklore Until recently, when associating the words “Romania” and “folklore” in the same paragraph, the images that spontaneously came to our minds immediately were those of our grandparents’ house, the rustic villages, the towels and rugs woven on looms, the folk costumes with […]

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Traditional motifs are fashionable again

Traditional motifs are fashionable again Strangers often ask me about the typical Romanian customs, the aspects that make our country different. Usually, the questions are directed to the culinary aspects and people wish to try our traditional dishes. However, what inspires me the most about Romania […]

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Romania, an ambivalent country

Romania, an ambivalent country … The year 2014 started with fireworks, champagne, wishes for happiness, health, prosperity … A year that theoretically started pretty well for the Romanians… not for having won the lottery, but because of that optimism and hope that conquer our souls […]

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