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Biking in Romania: around Cluj-Napoca

Biking in Romania: around Cluj-Napoca Let`s go somewhere we haven`t been before! Let`s go to Cluj county! Today`s tour goes around Apuseni National Park. And when I say “around” it means that it won`t get too far in the heart of the park, just a […]

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Where to go in Romania

Where to go in Romania Usually, when you plan to go to a certain place or country, the first thing you search on Google is “where to go in…” or “what to see/to in…”. If you plan to come to Romania, I will make your […]

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Discover Maramureş County

Discover Maramureş County Many people have heard about Maramureş. The Happy Graveyard from Săpȃnța is known both in the country and abroad. A lot of pictures and images have circulated on the internet. But Maramureș is so much more than that. For those having trouble locating the […]


Biking in Romania: Bai Mountains

Biking in Romania: Bai Mountains Bai Mountains is one of the most visible mountain ranges in Romania, being just across the road that connects Bucharest to Brașov. Unfortunately, most people don`t even know of their existence, as on the opposite side lies a more spectacular […]

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Discover the city of Oradea

Discover the city of Oradea Oradea, at the immediate border with Hungary, the residence of Bihor county, is a nice city, but not necessarily well-known in the country. On the other hand, many people have already heard about the spas Băile Felix and 1 May, located at a distance […]

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Biking in Romania: Comana Forest

Biking in Romania: Comana Forest Just 30km away from Bucharest, on the way to Giurgiu, there is a green biking spot, perfect for a weekend escape. Comana Natural Park, as this is its name, consists of Comana Forest, Neajlov Delta and many other fauna small […]


Discover Satu Mare County

Discover Satu Mare County Have you ever heard about the county Satu Mare ? Did you know that some archaeological researches claim there was life in this region since the Paleolithic Era and trails of the Celtic civilization have also been found here? Did you […]

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Some hiking to Curmătura Cottage

Some hiking to Curmătura Cottage There should be a break from the biking tours from time to time. And what else can be nicer than some hiking ? 🙂 Because I absolutely love the Piatra Craiului mountains, today I am going to recommend you an […]


Biking in Romania: Peștera and Măgura villages

Biking in Romania: Peștera and Măgura villages Peștera and Măgura are “must see” destinations in Romania! Located in Piatra Craiului National Park, having Piatra Craiului Massif on one side and Bucegi Mountains on the other,  Peștera and Măgura villages amaze us through their simplicity and […]


Biking in Romania: Târnava Mare

Biking in Romania: Târnava Mare I have told you about Târnava Mare before, in a previous article. And I will tell you about it in the future, as well, as it`s such an amazing place! Today`s tour comprises 2 smaller bike trails, especially created for […]


Zig Zag around Romania

Zig Zag around Romania Today we have the pleasure to present you a brave initiative of a dynamic team of Romanians that are attached to the geographic and cultural inheritance of the country and have the ambition to open to you every gate of every county and […]

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Biking in Romania: Brașov-Cheile Grădiștei

Biking in Romania: Brașov-Cheile Grădiștei Today`s route is going to be a little bit longer, so you`ll need about two days if you come from Bucharest. The biking trail starts from Brașov and ends in Cheile Grădiștei, after going through Poiana Brașov, Râșnov and Bran. […]


Biking in Romania: a ride in Piatra Craiului Mountains

Biking in Romania: a ride in the Craiului Mountains Piatra Craiului Massif is, probably, one of the most stunning mountains from Romania. Having a longitudinal bearing, displayed from North to South, it amazes us through its limestone summits, its sharp-edged peaks, its mountain gorges (such […]


Seaside break

Seaside break Summer has been here for a while and I’m so excited! I absolutely love sunny days and green spaces, walking in the park in the evening, eating ice cream at lunch and dinner, wearing light dresses and skirts, colourful clothes, going to picnics… […]

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Biking in Romania: picnic near Sighișoara

Biking in Romania: picnic near Sighișoara Sighișoara is that Romanian town where “you feel a if you weren’t in Romania”. In a good way, obviously. The bustle of foreigners, the medieval architecture, the friendly cafes, everything makes you feel that you are somewhere in western Europe, […]

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Biking in Romania: Sighișoara-Biertan

Biking in Romania: Sighișoara-Biertan Sighișoara and the whole Târnava Mare County are beautiful all year round but they reach their peak in spring and autumn, when the landscape looks amazing. The seasons` colors from here cannot be compared to anywhere else. The next tour I […]


Biking in Romania: greeny Tocile village

Biking in Romania: greeny Tocile village Late spring. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. We are looking for some biking, now that we reached Tocile. 🙂 Today I am gonna suggest a short tour in the surroundings: through the meadows behind the guest house, […]


Biking in Romania: up, to Păltiniș

Biking in Romania: up, to Păltiniș Since we have arrived arround Sibiu, I`m gonna take advantage of this and I will take you to Păltiniș this time. No, not using the regular road, but through the forest, where we can even pick some blueberries and raspberries. 🙂 […]


Biking in Romania: Sibiu-Cisnădie

Biking in Romania: Sibiu-Cisnădie I don`t know yet if it`s due to the magical landscapes around Sibiu, to the fresh green or the warm people, but the whole biking trip to Cisnădie was one of the most beautiful ones and it would be such a pity […]


Biking in Romania: “Emil Cioran” cyclotouristic route

Biking in Romania: “Emil Cioran” cyclotouristic route Another trail that we enjoyed takes us to Sibiu, this time. More exactly, the surroundings of Sibiu, towards the saxon village Rășinari. This route – the “Emil Cioran” cyclotouristic route – was launched on November 9, 2013. We also […]


Biking in Romania: Moldavia

Biking in Romania: Moldavia When I say Moldova, not many people know what it is, where it is situated or how it`s like. Mainly because just across the border there is the Republic of Moldova. Well, to clarify things, there are two different regions: Moldova or Moldavia […]

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Biking in Romania: Bison Reservation

Biking in Romania: Bison Reservation We all know that Romania isn`t the most perfect country to live in, we all know its con`s and I think every Romanian faced, at least once, the corrupted system, the lack of justice or the deficient public system. But we`re […]

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The Alpine Sea of the Ceahlău Mountains

The Alpine Sea of the Ceahlău Mountains The first time I heard about the Alpine Sea was a couple of years ago, when one of my friends was lucky enough to see such an event in the Ceahlău Mountains. To be honest, at the beginning I didn`t […]

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Romania, an ambivalent country

Romania, an ambivalent country … The year 2014 started with fireworks, champagne, wishes for happiness, health, prosperity … A year that theoretically started pretty well for the Romanians… not for having won the lottery, but because of that optimism and hope that conquer our souls […]

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Lucina Stud

Lucina Stud Beyond the hills of Transylvania, beyond the forests of Bucovina, in the far north of Romania, far away from everything, there is a little  peaceful and quiet corner of nature where the birds sing, the horses play joyfully and time seems to have stopped. […]