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Soleta – the house that brings a new lifestyle

Soleta – the house that brings a new lifestyle Secluded into a green oasis, somewhere in the north of Bucharest, lays Soleta zero Energy One, the prototype of a house with a particular appearance. Different, but at the same time using common traditional Romanian architectural […]


About Maria Dermengiu and metaphorical painting

About Maria Dermengiu and metaphorical painting Everybody wants to earn money, to support the family, to pay the invoices, the rent, to succeed in going on holidays to beautiful places where they can rest, to go to a performance occasionally, to change their minds, to […]

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The urbanizing of folklore

The urbanizing of folklore Until recently, when associating the words “Romania” and “folklore” in the same paragraph, the images that spontaneously came to our minds immediately were those of our grandparents’ house, the rustic villages, the towels and rugs woven on looms, the folk costumes with […]

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Traditional motifs are fashionable again

Traditional motifs are fashionable again Strangers often ask me about the typical Romanian customs, the aspects that make our country different. Usually, the questions are directed to the culinary aspects and people wish to try our traditional dishes. However, what inspires me the most about Romania […]

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