Biking in Romania: Comana Forest


Biking in Romania: Comana Forest

20130707_183742Just 30km away from Bucharest, on the way to Giurgiu, there is a green biking spot, perfect for a weekend escape. Comana Natural Park, as this is its name, consists of Comana Forest, Neajlov Delta and many other fauna small reservations. Its total area is almost of 250 square kilometers, being the third wet area of Romania, after the Danube Delta and the small Slop of Brăila.

The park is open to everyone having just a symbolic fee of 3 lei (about 50 Euro cents 🙂 ) and offers boat rides, many tracks through the forest, a bird observatory, the visiting of Comana Monastery and many others. If you get tired, you can also take a break at Comana House, a very nice complex located on the lake with many restaurants and terraces.

You can reach Comana by first taking the road to Giurgiu until Adunații Copăceni, then, on the first round about, take left. Continue straight until Grădiștea, then take right. You will next reach a cross-roads where you have to turn left, pass near Comana Monastery then you reach the forest. I would suggest to take the car.

The oaks and ashes dating from centuries give the forest a special look. The forest is full of biking routes and tracks and there are no chances to get lost here. All the tracks are pretty easy and can be performed by anyone on one condition: the soil to be dry. Being a wet area, you can easily get caught in a puddle if it rained recently.  🙂

Beware of the small flies and mosquitoes during summer time as they might bite you and get into your eyes! Take any mosquito spray and protective glasses with you! 🙂

Some photos taken in November 2013…



View to Neajlov Delta…


Have a nice ride!


PS: Click here to read the article in Romanian

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