Discover Satu Mare County

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Discover Satu Mare County

Have you ever heard about the county Satu Mare ?satu mare romania

Did you know that some archaeological researches claim there was life in this region since the Paleolithic Era and trails of the Celtic civilization have also been found here?

Did you know that from Satu Mare to Bucharest the distance is about 700 km, 600 km to Viena and 2100 km to Paris?

Did you know that about 72% of the fields are agricultural and 18% are forests?

Did you know there are lots of interesting museums to visit?

  • Tȃșnad City Museum (the town’s history and ethnography)
  • Oaș City Museum in Negrești Oaș, founded in 1972 (outdoors ethnography museum)
  • The Svabs’ Ethnographic Museum in Petrești with over 200 exposed pieces
  • The County Museum (archaeology and science of nature)
  • The Free Dacians Reservation at Medieșu Aurit (Golden Medieșu)

satu mare

Did you know the population structure according to ethnicities is: Romanians (57.7%), Hungarians (34.5%), Gipsies (5.3%), Germans (1.5%), other ethnicities (1%)?

I invite you to discover in pictures more information about Satu Mare:

So, when are you booking a visit to Satu Mare?


PS: Click here to read the article in Romanian

*Foto credit : The team from Zig Zag around România

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