Biking in Romania: Sibiu-Cisnădie


Biking in Romania: Sibiu-Cisnădie

I don`t know yet if it`s due to the magical landscapes around Sibiu, to the fresh green or the warm people, but the whole biking trip to Cisnădie was one of the most beautiful ones and it would be such a pity not to share it with others, as well.

Our trip took us 4 days and includes 2 full tours and a trail which ended up with us being lost in the woods :), but the entire area is worth seeing, even if you don`t have any specific tour in your mind.

To be honest, we had some totally different tours in our minds when Radu, from Holzhaus guest house from Tocile, “ruined our plans”. In a good way, of course. So, the tours I am going to talk about are recommended by him.

How did we get to Holzhaus guest house? To be honest, by chance, google-ing a nice accommodation close to Sibiu. And the nice pictures helped us make our decision. But the reality itself looked even more beautiful than in the pictures.


How can you get here? Cycling around 10 km from Sibiu rail station while admiring the landscape 🙂 . For us, the whole trip took about 2 hours as there are some areas of uphill and we were still beginners at that time (I`m not saying that now we`re too advanced but still… 😛 ), but those 10 km can be made in less than that, depending on each one`s condition. Here`s  the map with the trip from Sibiu railway station to Tocile, so that you can have a better look. More details about Holzhaus guest house here.

If you decide to come here by train, consider the first day just for the trip from Bucharest (or somewhere else ) to here as the train ride takes about 5 hours to get to Sibiu. So, the only cycling you`ll get is the 10 km trip to the accommodation. But even the distance from Sibiu to Cisnădie is really nice, mostly with the Făgăraș mountains waving at us from the left side of the road.

20130428_180935 After about 9 km you can admire Cisnădie in a nice picturesque valley. It is not really a well-known town but all the more it will impress you, as most saxon settlements in Romania do.


The road passes across an orchard then straight into a forest; and after exiting the forest, you`re almost there. Tocile can be seen somewhere in a valley in between the Făgăraș mountains on one side and Cândrel mountains on the other.


Sibiu Rail Station – Cisnădie – Tocile 

Total length: 13 km

Difficulty: beginner-medium (with hilly terrain)

Time: 1-2 hours

Equipment: rain-wear, wind-stopper, helmet, spare wheel room  + bike pump, SPF lotion  for those who need it, water


PS: Click here to read the article in Romanian

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